Ice Fishing Seminars


Friday/Jan 24th – Seminars at 4:00 & 6:00 pm – Dave Slager & Friends/Topics Include - Utilizing the latest innovations in ice fishing, West side perch tactics, Walleye 101

Saturday/Jan 25th – Seminars at 11:00 am, 2:00 & 5:00 pm – Chas Thompson & Friends/Topics Include - How to approach a new lake, Teaching Young anglers - Passing the tradition, The Basics - Ice Fishing 101

Sunday/Jan 26th – Seminars at 11:00 am & 1:00 pm - Dave Slager/Topics Include - Utilizing the latest innovations in ice fishing, West side perch tactics, Walleye 101.

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Other Guest Speakers

Tom Richardson

The Deadly Art Of Calling Deer

Tom Richardson hails from central Michigan, the heart of Michigan’s big buck country. Tom has hunted the woods and fields of Michigan 44 years calling in game animals since the age of 12.

In his seminars, he’ll not only teach you how to become a natural part of and blend into your environment, but also the time tested techniques he uses to successfully call in game animals using totally outside the box calling techniques he’s developed and perfected over his many years in the woods.

  • Using Turkey calls and decoys to bring in the deer.

  • Calling in a buck with nothing but a handful of stones.

  • Understanding the Fawn / Doe relationship to exploit the does natural maternal instinct to respond to the many different fawn calls, thus bringing in the Bucks. Where the girls are, the boys will always be.

  • Hunting the rut thru the eyes of the doe.

  • A hot doe calling to a buck.

  • Ways to make the buck of a lifetime actually hunt YOU!

  • How and when to challenge a dominate buck.

  • Tom will also show you how to successfully use Red Tail Hawk, Owl, Pheasant, Crow and Squirrel calls to name only a few to greatly increase your chances of bagging a deer.

  • NEW calling techniques he’s seasons.


Tony LaPratt

Making Your Property a Social Hub for Big Bucks 

Tony LaPratt has hunted and harvested 50 Trophy Class Whitetails consistently for 31 years, by utilizing his “Unique Hunting and Ultimate Land Management technology.”  Tony has created over 1,800 Land management properties, ranging from 5 acres to 6,000 acres, in 28 states.  Which adds up to over 300,000 acres.

Tony LaPratt is the founder of the successful Whitetail Habitat Research Center and Whitetail Boot Camp, which has now completed over 115 classes!  He has been featured in Buckmasters, Deer & Deer Hunting, North American Whitetail, Michigan Sportsman as well as numerous newspaper articles.

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Shag Trent

Whack a Yote’ … Coyote Hunting Tactics   

“Shag Trent is the owner / operator of TBN Outfitters and to say he loves the out of doors would be a major understatement. He lives it…he loves it!!

“Shag” has been a Full Time Guide for over 20 years. He Guides in Southern Ohio, Kentucky, Florida and Alaska. During the first part of Spring, Shag guides turkey hunts in Southern Ohio then later, heads down to Florida where he chases big Tarpon. After that, Shag Typically hits the road again for Alaska Salmon and Trout guiding before circling back again to Southern Ohio to guide Whitetail deer hunts.

One of Shags favorite things to do is hunt and trap Coyotes and that is what he will be focusing on during his seminars at the show this year. If you are new to predator hunting or want to hone your skills a little, stop buy and take in this fun and informational seminar


Nick Percy

Food Plot & Soil Health to Grow Bigger Bucks 

Killer Food Plots was established based on the visions, dreams and passion of owner Nick Percy.  Introduced to Whitetail hunting in 1990, his passion for the outdoors and developing premier Whitetail habitat has been growing for over 28 years.  Nick approaches each new challenge with a genuine passion, love, respect and knowledge for Whitetail deer, their nutrition, their habits and creating premier habitat.  He has invested thousands of hours researching and developing his premier KFP products while learning all he can about Whitetail deer.  Nick enjoys sharing what he has learned with others.

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Erik Schnelle

Making Michigan Deer Hunting Great (APR & QDM Town Hall)

Michigan State Council President - Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA)

Erik will be leading a discussion of how you can make your hunting and Michigan hunting great by: protecting most yearling bucks, harvesting appropriate numbers of does, improving deer habitat, working with other hunters, and recruiting and retaining more hunters.

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Michigan Blood Tracker Association 

Training Dogs to Effectively Track Wounded Deer

When in doubt, back out and call the dog! Meet the real heroes of Deer Recovery: Basia, Wiki, River, Scout, Pickaboo and others. You can also talk to their handlers who represent the United Blood Trackers. A nationwide organization dedicated to training of dogs for the humane recovery of wounded big game. We can help you with resources and networking to help train your own dog so you can become a deer recovery team. We are also members of Michigan Deer tracking and Michigan Deer tracking Network, which provides hunters with a one telephone number or Facebook access to qualified trackers throughout Michigan to recover your trophy!  Stop by our booth or attend our seminars to access information on this great service we provide to the hunting community!


Tim Fox

Foundation Training to Set-Up Your Young Bird Dog for Success

As a dog trainer, Tim Fox, of C. Fox Kennels in Sand Lake, Michigan, has seen a lot. But he’ll be the first one to tell you he hasn’t seen it all. Even after nearly 40 years’ worth of dog experience in Colorado, South Dakota, and Michigan, Tim, a student of the Delmar Smith “Silent Command” system of training, continually searches for new ideas, new techniques, and different ways of solving the problems our gun dogs constantly invent. In his presentation, Tim will give an introduction to his methods and suggest a few training techniques to try. Following that, he’ll take questions from the audience.


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