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Guest Speakers

Nick Percy

Killer Food Plots 101

Killer Food Plots was established based on the visions, dreams and passion of owner Nick Percy.  Introduced to Whitetail hunting in 1990, his passion for the outdoors and developing premier Whitetail habitat has been growing for over 28 years.  Nick approaches each new challenge with a genuine passion, love, respect and knowledge for Whitetail deer, their nutrition, their habits and creating premier habitat.  He has invested thousands of hours researching and developing his premier KFP products while learning all he can about Whitetail deer.  Nick enjoys sharing what he has learned with others.

Chas Thompson

Ice Fishing Tips & Tactics 

MI Ice Guys Seminars are an insight in to modern ice fishing techniques as practiced by successful tournament fishermen.   Join Chas Thompson and his gang from the Michigan Ice guys to learn all of the latest equipment, gadgets and common sense items to get you on and off the ice with a limit of fish in record time.   Chas, a computer scientist turned commercial brewer, ties the things together with science, creativity and the keys to the internet.    Meet Chas and his crew as he introduces and demonstrates to new fisherman, as well as the ones tired of not catching fish, to his methods and tricks, catching more fish – consistently & faster.   Plus, Chas will share stories from his time in the Ukraine with the USA Ice team competing in the world championships from this past winter.

Dave Slager

Ice Fishing for Pan Fish - A to Z

Dave Slager has grown up in a family that loves the outdoors.  He has spent his life fishing and hunting with his grandfather, dad and brother in West Michigan.  He has a wife of 20 years and 2 kids along with 1 grandchild.  Targeting pan-fish including perch, bluegill and crappie are always the plan once the lakes start to freeze over.  Being able to figure them out is always a challenge and experimenting with the different techniques and tricks is something that he enjoys. Stop by the K&E Tackle booth or attend Dave's seminar to learn what things you can do to put more fish on the ice.

Tony LaPratt

Food Plot Strategies

Tony LaPratt has hunted and harvested 50 Trophy Class Whitetails consistently for 31 years, by utilizing his “Unique Hunting and Ultimate Land Management technology.”  Tony has created over 1,800 Land management properties, ranging from 5 acres to 6,000 acres, in 28 states.  Which adds up to over 300,000 acres.

Tony LaPratt is the founder of the successful Whitetail Habitat Research Center and Whitetail Boot Camp, which has now completed over 115 classes!  He has been featured in Buckmasters, Deer & Deer Hunting, North American Whitetail, Michigan Sportsman as well as numerous newspaper articles.

Tim Fox

Bird Dog Training 101 

As a dog trainer, Tim Fox, of C. Fox Kennels in Sand Lake, Michigan, has seen a lot. But he’ll be the first one to tell you he hasn’t seen it all. Even after nearly 40 years’ worth of dog experience in Colorado, South Dakota, and Michigan, Tim, a student of the Delmar Smith “Silent Command” system of training, continually searches for new ideas, new techniques, and different ways of solving the problems our gun dogs constantly invent. In his presentation, Tim will give an introduction to his methods and suggest a few training techniques to try. Following that, he’ll take questions from the audience.

Bill Ferris

Walleye 101 & 102

Bill Ferris has been married for 34 years with 3 kids. He has lived in the Ionia, Michigan area for most of his life. He is an avid hunter and tournament bass fisherman but his real passion is ice fishing!  Bill has been ice fishing for bluegills, crappie, perch and walleye thru the ice for many years with great success.  He has traveled extensively throughout Michigan targeting these species and more.  As a matter of fact, you'll find it hard to name a public lake here in Michigan that Bill hasn't fished.  Bill would like to invite you to an informational seminar on ice fishing.  He will talk to you about techniques that will help you catch more fish for the pan.  Bill will discuss where to look for and find bluegills, crappies, perch and walleye. Then he will touch base on equipment, such as rods, reels, jigs, baits and the ins and outs on using electronics.  From the beginner to the expert, you will definitely learn something from this seminar....

Morgan Warda

How to start a wildlife co-op in your area

Morgan Warda, Michigan Wildlife Cooperatives Coordinator, is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Flint with a degree in Wildlife Biology and Writing. During school, she served as a Student Research Assistant studying habitat preference of Blanding's turtles and as an intern in both the Quality Deer Management Association's Conservation Department and Communications Department. 

Her background includes being a Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program Technician and a Soil Conservation Technician with the Genesee Conservation District, QDMA Deer Steward 1 & 2 graduate, and taking over her role with Michigan United Conservation Clubs in May 2018. The Michigan Wildlife Cooperatives Program is a partnership position between MUCC, Michigan DNR, Pheasants Forever and QDMA. 

Tom Richardson

Guaranteed Calls & Tactic to bag a Spring Gobbler

Master Caller and Tracker Tom Richardson will cover the basics as well as advanced tactics and calls to help ensure your spring hunt is a success!
Tom mentored under Rod Benson for many years learning Rods techniques and through his many, many years luring in big long beards has come up with many of his own as well.
If you would like to learn how to locate birds, what to look for when scouting and coaxing that gobbler to take those last few steps into gun range, ultimately putting a bird in your sites, this seminar is definitely for you.
Sharing his old school knowledge, combined with his sense of humor you are sure to find this seminar not only very entertaining, but also a huge game changer for your spring hunt.

Shag Trent

Whack a Yote’ … Coyote Hunting Tactics   

“Shag Trent is the owner / operator of TBN Outfitters and to say he loves the out of doors would be a major understatement. He lives it…he loves it!!

“Shag” has been a Full Time Guide for over 20 years. He Guides in Southern Ohio, Kentucky, Florida and Alaska. During the first part of Spring, Shag guides turkey hunts in Southern Ohio then later, heads down to Florida where he chases big Tarpon. After that, Shag Typically hits the road again for Alaska Salmon and Trout guiding before circling back again to Southern Ohio to guide Whitetail deer hunts.

One of Shags favorite things to do is hunt and trap Coyotes and that is what he will be focusing on during his seminars at the show this year. If you are new to predator hunting or want to hone your skills a little, stop buy and take in this fun and informational seminar

Chris Hodyna

MI Blood Trackers

When in doubt, back out and call the dog! Meet the real heroes of Deer Recovery: Basia, Wiki, River, Scout, Pickaboo and others. You can also talk to their handlers who represent the United Blood Trackers. A nationwide organization dedicated to training of dogs for the humane recovery of wounded big game. We can help you with resources and networking to help train your own dog so you can become a deer recovery team. We are also members of Michigan Deer tracking and Michigan Deer tracking Network, which provides hunters with a one telephone number or Facebook access to qualified trackers throughout Michigan to recover your trophy!  Stop by our booth or attend our seminars to access information on this great service we provide to the hunting community!


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