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Hunter Aiming Rifle

Booth Information

Why travel all over the country when you can target your efforts in the largest hunting market in the world? The Huntin’ Time Expo attracts the hard-core hunting enthusiasts from all over the Midwest. This all-hunting show is geared for serious hunters not “tire kickers”. Come join in the fun and see what the excitement is all about.

Booth Information: Welcome

Floor Plan

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Included In Cost

All booths include standard 8′ rear draping and 3′ side rails – 

Equipment Orders

Pre-order your tables, chairs and electricial today with the facility. Prices increase 14 days prior to the show.


Booth Staging

We are currently working on a floor plan for our new facility.  

Exhibit Space Cost

Interior 10′ x 10′  

Non-profit interior  

Corner   10′ x 10′  

Interior 10′ x 20′  

Corner/Interior  10′ x 20′   


(3 or more booths add  per booth)

We will post our booth prices for our new facility soon.

Booth Information: Features

Floor Plan

Floor Plan.PNG
Booth Information: About
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