The 2021 Huntin' Time Expo is Canceled 

Show dates to resume in 2022


About Us

The Huntin' Time Expo is a 3 day event held during the last weekend in January at the DeltaPlex Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This event showcases the largest collection of hunting exhibits in the State. Whether you are an experienced  outdoorsman or a first time guest the Huntin' Time Expo offers an experience you're sure to remember.


Our History

The Grand Rapids Huntin’ Time Expo has developed an industry wide reputation as one of the finest all hunting shows in the country. Grand Rapids was recently named as one of the ten fastest growing cities in the U.S. and is located in the middle of Kent County, which leads the state in hunting licenses sold. Famous for attracting very serious, hard core hunter’s year in year out, this show has become a destination for vendors from around the world!

Over 350 Booths

The expo features a variety of hunting exhibitors offering products and services unlike any other outdoor show.  If you are looking to gear up, take advantage of the valuable face-to-face interaction with the product manufacturers that you can’t get in retail stores.  If you have a dream hunt in mind, talk with the wide range of outfitters from all over the globe to make that dream a reality.  One thing is for sure; there is something for everyone.

Great Value

Why travel all over the country when you can target your efforts in the largest hunting market in the USA? Deer food plots, habitat management, strategy, scouting, buck behavior, venison processing, dog training, turkey hunting and more! Educational presentations are also included with the price of admission and cover a variety of topics.

Family Friendly

The Huntin' Time Expo is a fun and relaxing environment for the whole family. Parking is free and ticket prices are affordable. Children of all ages can take in the sights and enjoy a variety of activities including gun and bow target practice, hands on interaction with live animals, and a wide selection of tasty snacks and drinks.


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