falling acorns!

These rains and winds have really knocked down a lot of remaining acorns. The deer can’t resist, so if you’ve got a stand of oaks nearby, get downwind and keep an eye open. The deer should show up sooner or later.

Deadly Food Plot Strategies part #1


The following series is contributed to us by Fred Abbas of A-Way Hunting Products. Be sure to check out their site http://www.awayhunting.com/ and see that at the show in January!


If you have ever watched our A-Way Outdoors television program, or read any of our articles in Woods-N-Waters News, you would know that we invent our own hunting tactics. If you own any of our A-Way Hunting products, you would also know that we invent our own products as well. The reason for that is very simple, there are problems with every hunting aid out there that eventually is going to cost a hunter their quarry, and there are problems that ultimately surface during every type of hunt that will need to be solved. We believe, “There is a solution to every problem”, and the first thing we attempt to do is to recognize exactly what that problem is, and why it’s a problem. If it is a hunting aid, we isolate then remove the weaknesses and build on its strengths. By the time we are finished with the product it not only looks much different from its counter parts, but it is now patentable. Many of you who own our products are probably not aware that no matter what you do, you cannot make a mistake while using them because we removed every pit fall that would eventually have cost you the buck of a life time. That was by design. For those of you fortunate enough to own or lease land for deer and turkey hunting, the greatest benefit to your continued success is without a doubt, food plots. Food plots anywhere in the country can never be outlawed, and hunting near a food plot is a legitimate legal tactic. Rest assured it is only a matter of time or politics before baiting in Michigan and elsewhere will be eliminated. Especially now that the farmers have Ethanol to prop up their income. (Note: this was authored before the discovery of CWD in Michigan and hence the baiting ban in Michigan’s lower peninsula). Food plots placed strategically are designed to DRAW deer and turkey onto your property and proper choice of plantings are designed to HOLD deer and turkey on your property. We use a wide variety of Whitetail Institute products that have that powerful drawing power, along with giving deer the high protein needed to enhance antler growth. Does also benefit by giving birth to healthier fawns. You heard the old saying,” variety is the spice of life”, truer words were never spoken when it applies to planting food plots, especially for deer. Deer love a variety of tasty food found in or near one location, and would have no reason to venture elsewhere. But there are problems that are in need of a solution when hunting over food plots. The problem isn’t the food plot itself, the problem is the way most mature bucks approach, or leave a food plot, and the way most hunters actually hunt the food plots. The more I thought about the problems the easier they were to identify.