2013 show will be bigger and better than ever!

We are expanding and now offering a new floorplan, new hours, and a longer show! The 2013 Grand Rapids Huntin’ Time Expo will be a 4 day show. Here are the dates.

Huntin’ Time Expo 2013

Jan. 24th 3-8pm

Jan. 25th noon-9pm

Jan. 26th 9am-7pm

Jan. 27th 9am-3pm



4:15 – 5:00        Ed Spinazzola (QDMA)

                         All new land and deer management

5:30 – 6:15      Conrad Evarts ( Montana Game and Fish Department)

                         Do it yourself Montana Hunts


1:30 – 2:15       Tom Richardson (Atsco)

                         The art of calling deer

2:45 – 3:30       Greg Abbas (Away Hunting Products)

                         Tough gobblers made easy

4:00 – 4:45       Ed Spinazzola (QDMA)

                         All new land and deer management

5:15 – 6:00       Tony LaPratt (Ultimate Land Management)

                          Keeping bucks on your property

6:30 – 7: 15      Town Hall Meeting Russ Mason ( Wildlife Chief MDNR)

                          EHD disease and deer management



10:30 – 11:15       Tony LaPratt (Ultimate Land Management)

                             Keeping bucks on your property

11:45 – 12:30       Greg Abbas (Away Hunting Products)

                             Tough gobblers made easy

1:00 – 1:45            Ed Spinazzola (QDMA)

                             All New Land and Deer Management

2:15 – 3:00            Tom Richardson (Atsco)

                              The art of calling deer

3: 30 – 4:15            Fred Abbas Away Hunting Products

                               Creating the ultimate buck Factory

4:45 – 5:30             Jason Herbert (Outdoor writer / speaker)

                               Tactical turkey hunting


10:00 – 10:45          Greg Abbas (Away Hunting Products)

                                Tough gobblers made easy

11:00 – 11:45          Tony LaPratt (Ultimate Land Management)

                                Keeping bucks on your property

12:00 – 12:45          Fred Abbas Away Hunting Products

                                Creating the ultimate buck Factory


Stay tuned throughout the year for an updated floorplan, vendor info, and a seminar schedule. We’ll also be frequently adding new content and news that pertains to all Michigan outdoor enthusiasts.

Returning Iraq veteran scores on trophy Colorado bull elk

When my son Noah Smith of Kent City, MI returned from a tour of duty in Iraq with the US Army in the summer of 2010, I ask him what kind of hunt would he be interested in. “I’d like to ride horses and hunt in the mountains”.  Well, an elk hunt out west was in order! We attended the “Huntin Time Expo” at the Delta Plex in Grand Rapids in January of 2011 with the intention of having an elk hunt booked before we left that night.

After talking with about 20 elk outfitters we settled on “Backcountry Outfitters” out of Pagosa Springs Colorado.

As it turned out a very good choice.

We liked the idea that they owned all their own horses and mules and we would be packing in about 8 miles to a tent camp and hunting everyday starting with a horse back ride further into the mountains.

 On November 4, after a 1650 mile road trip to Colorado with our friend Brian Braun of Ann Arbor, we pack in on horse back to our tent camp for the week.  

The second day of the hunt, November 6, Noah and I rode out about 3 miles from camp and spotted elk on the far side of a huge valley. Jumping off the horses we pulled our guns out of the scabbards. Noah was about to take this trophy 6X6 and 20 seconds later I took a 5X5 elk.

Our guide, Monty, stated later that in all the years he has been guiding he never had a father son team shoot two elk standing next to each other in a span of 20 seconds!!

If you would like to see Noah’s elk, I think we will have it on display at the Backcountry Outfitters booth this January at the “Huntin Time Expo” in Grand Rapids.

Mixed results for deer season

Depending on who you talk to, deer season was slow, mediocre, or great. Regardless, this last weekend of muzzleloader should be good. It’s finally cold, and the deer are really going to be thinking with their stomach’s. Hunt near preferred food sources and be ready right at last shooting light, they’ll probably show up late.

Gun safety!

A friend of ours recently shared this.

“I pulled my 20 gauge semi-auto out to go deer hunting tonight.  Action open, safety on….as always.  Put a slug in the chamber and hit the button to close the action.  The action slammed shut and BOOM!  Again safety on and nothing near the trigger so actually two things failed….the safety and the firing pin was somehow in position to contact the casing when the action slammed shut.”

He got his truck bed with a solid hit. Remember, safety’s can fail. ALWAYS treat a gun as if it were loaded, and be sure to point the muzzle in a safe direction at ALL times.

Gun season update

A steady trickle of deer are being shot all over Michigan. Remember, wear orange and be safe! Good luck to everyone this upcoming holiday weekend.

Bucks on their feet

Gary Herbert shot this dandy Michigan buck this weekend. Herbert said the buck was scent checking the downwind side of a doe bedding area early Saturday morning.

A lot of Michigan bucks are being seen now during daylight hours. The should be really active come the gun opener. Remember this gun season to be safe, wear hunter orange, and shoot straight. Good luck everyone.

Michigan rut action!

The bucks are on the move! This warmer weather isn’t ideal, but the bottom line is that it’s November and they are going to be moving. Good luck and be safe.

Scrape action

This is a great time to kill a local buck while he’s still actively checking his scrapes, and before he starts to wander. Good luck and be safe!